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Free Ankle & Hip Conditioning Routine

Hello dear all,

Below you‘ll find a step-by-step description of the exercises shown in my free(!) downloadable/streaming Ankle & Hip Conditioning Mini-Routine which I send to all my newsletter subscribers.

If you haven’t seen the video version yet, you can get it here:


Note: For a printable .pdf version of the exercise list below go to Free_ankle_hips_conditioning_routine.


  • Repeat every movement 5-10 times on each side.
  • You’ll need a set of 2 yoga blocks and a wall/barre to hold on to for balance.
  • Remember to breathe, and enjoy!

Feet & Ankles

  1. Calf Raises (keep straight legs at all times – lower/lift one heel at a time behind the block, optionally repeat with both heels together)
  2. Foot Stretches (gently stretch your feet one by one ‘over’ the block)
  3. Soleus Stretch (bend and straighten your back leg while your heel is dropped – not pictured)
  4. Repeat on other side.
  5. Double Leg Stretch (bend forward from the hips, anchoring the block with another block – not pictured)


  1. 1-Hip Lifts & Drops (Standing leg stays fully straightened!)
  2. ‘Floating’ Hip Circles (front & back)
  3. Repeat 1-Hip Lifts & Drops (same side)
  4. Stepdowns (Carefully bend and straighten the leg that’s on the blocks)
  5. Repeat all on other side

That’s it – repeat once a day 🙂

Let me know how you feel after doing this routine!

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve also created a free 2,5 minute dancealong video excerpt from ‘Balletic Moves for Bellydance’. You can download/stream it at: Free Balletic Moves for Bellydance Dancealong Routine

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