Inspiration, Movement

Taking Care

Lately, I’ve been enjoying silence.

Perhaps it’s a compensation for the louder world outside. Or even the one inside.

Seeking balance.

I’ve noticed it while cleaning our floors yesterday. No music, no podcast, no background-filling.

And I didn’t miss it, for a change.

It’s different.

Just my thoughts, a few traffic sounds from further away, and a bit of birdsong every now and then.

I like it.

It feels like a moving meditation.

Silence as a companion to the movement. It reminds me of what I am doing, right now.

It helps me do what I do with a bit more love. A touch more consciousness.


Taking care of ‘our place’.

PS: To paraphrase and interesting thought on this added by JuLa – when we take care of our surroundings, we take care of ourselves as well.

Something to ponder.


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