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An Easter Resurrection

Things I have learned this week(end):

  • Resurrection miracles do happen
  • Sometimes they are electronic
  • Always do backups
  • Do not bring beverages into the computer room
  • Especially not orange juice

Actual things to do if /when calamity does strike:

  • Remove the power first
  • Rice is not always the way
  • Patience, and swiftness, is key
  • Disassemble, clean what can (may!) be cleaned, then rinse with distilled(!) water
  • Let it dry for days
  • Categorize the parts
  • Count. The. Screws.
  • Optionally use electronics spray
  • Then let dry again

Other things I’ve learned:

  • Mr E has so much patience

Extra bonus lessons:

  • Hard drives can be read and/or backed up using an enclosure (and it’s cheap!)
  • If calamity strikes, you’ll know exactly what you need(ed) to back up

What have you learned this week?


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