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How to Keep Moving

As I know for many of you this has been quite a jam-packed month, and movement/self care is often the first thing to go(ha!)

Here are a few quick tips to keep yourself in healthy motion, especially in busy times:

  • make it easy!
  • only start
  • dress the part
  • follow your intuition
  • prep your space
  • try a ‘walkaby’
  • invest in yourself

What do I mean by all of that? πŸ™‚

How to keep dancing/moving in Corona times:

Make it easy

In these uncertain times it can be quite tricky to plan. Unexpected things can happen, energy levels will rise and fall.

Life can make it difficult to stay ‘on track’ with any movement program.

This is why I have been tweaking my online BOOST classes a bit.

They have been set up with a certain logic, and are still recorded/taught in a certain order, but – just like with any movement practice – even if you do them intuitively order-wise, they will do their work – and most importantly, they will still get you moving!

This is the advantage of a live/recording mix.

This means that – even if you miss a few (or many!) of my ‘live’ online classes – you can catch the live ones that are ongoing, and move with the recordings whenever/however it works.

You can simply choose one that speaks to you – and start! Then, if there is more time/energy left (some sessions might boost you! some will calm you down :)), you can move on to another one.

This you can do, anytime, anyplace!

Jumping in ‘live’ and going ‘2D’ whenever it works is more effective (and it will get you moving! see the next point for more on that) than pushing ahead a row of videos that you feel have to to be done ‘in order’ before you start.

Eventually if you have missed a few sessions in a row, this can easily make it too daunting to even re-begin.

For the current sessions of my series, there is a bit of warm up in every class, a bit of strengthening/activation, and a bit of range of motion/relaxation, and – of course – a bit of dance!

It’s just that the emphasis changes between the Monday (Strength), Tuesday (Range of Motion) and Friday (Dance) sessions.

So – if you’ve picked a class/video to start, and if you want to then go a bit deeper into any of the elements (strength, relaxation, dance) OR if you want to instead focus on a certain type of moves (basics, cross steps, layering, arabesques) you can simply pick the right video/video set or class for just that.

If you are my online student, and you need advice on where to start, or if you would like to get substitutes for any moves that give you trouble – simply let me know!

Only Start Now

This, for me, has been the greatest lesson in all things movement and creativity.

If you make starting really easy, and don’t think of anything that may come after it, that’s it.

That’s usually all it takes.

So take a deep breath, put all your inner roadblocks, limiting thoughts, rules, doubts, regulations, and ‘have do/know/learn/have firsts’ that may get in your way to the side. Make them sit down. Literally.

Sit them down, perhaps even offer them a mental cup of tea/a book/whatever to keep them busy for a moment, acknowledge them with a little nod if you must, and then go ahead and just begin.

Put on a video, maybe even while you’re folding laundry, and if the spirit moves you to move along with it – move! That’s it. You have now officially started moving.

All the rest will be easier.

It’s how I now do everything.

Dress the Part

Another thing that may make ‘getting started’ just a bit easier, is to make sure you are dressed as if you’re already doing the thing.

This may or may not always be possible in your work/life situation, but usually there are ways to at least do this in part. I tend to dress in clothes that enable me to move – always.

At home I walk around barefoot, I wear comfy shorts, leggings, T-shirts, tops, and I have slightly fancier versions of those items on hand that can double as ‘work gear’ and event ‘meeting clothing’ if need be.

So if you are working from home – you can get creative and dress for dance/movement breaks at the same time!

Anything that makes starting even a little easier (see the point above) is legit.

Follow your Intuition

Our bodies have intelligence (our minds do, too! but they tend to get a bit more easily confused) Usually, intuitively, we know what are the ‘right’ thing for us to do.

Our bodies know what would give us the most value in a certain moment. It tells us.

We just need to listen to what it says.

When your body needs some rest, some relaxation, or stretching, give it that. If it wants to get strong, activate! If it wants to dance, dance.

If you’re out of practice with this, taking a bit of time each day (it can be just a few seconds!) to tune in to that inner voice, is all it takes.

Listening in, allowing ourselves to follow our own inner guidance, and giving ourselves permission to ACT on the things we know (and feel!) are good for us (and say no the things that are not) can be a literal life changer.

If you body speaks to you, and tells you to follow/do/feel something true, listen to that, and see what happens!

Prep your Space

For some this might be clearing out a bit of room, or rearranging things, for other this might mean putting things ‘in view’
I noticed that I move more if I am visually reminded to do so.

This is why I have a set of weights on my dresser, a yoga mat in my living room, a stretching strap within reach, a pilates ball as office chair, a yoga block under the table where I fold my laundry (and now a swiffer staff behind the door!)

Make your living/work space as movement friendly as you can, and more and more movement will be happening over time. It’s a simple as that.

Make it easy. Keep it simple.

Make life your literal playground, and get creative with using the things that are around you, too.

Any movement counts!

Sofa stretching, door frame hanging, wall pushing, table squatting – these are some of the things I consciously include in my weekly online sessions.

So you can use your environment to move you whenever the spirit strikes πŸ™‚

Try a Walkaby

I just made up this word today πŸ˜€

What I mean by this is -> once you have your ‘movement mind’ set – you can totally find ways to move more of you throughout the day.

For instance, the set of weights that I have on the dresser are there to tempt me to do a few easy arm/posture exercises whenever I walk by.

Or you could make it a habit to squat whenever you go through the kitchen door.

You can then continue with what you were going to do, but you will be just a little more strong/mobile than before
It all adds up.

Invest in Yourself

One thing I have learned, is that you can never over invest in self-education. And I mean that in the broadest sense.

Once we learn something, we are enriched forever.

And this life is short enough as it is, it can only become better if we meet it with a willingness to keep on studying, growing and learning, always.

We are made to keep evolving.

Join my online Classes πŸ™‚

With all that said, I hope you are now feeling nice and energized – and even more motivated to bust a few moves today!

I look forward to teaching the final class of our online summer season tomorrow.

And I REALLY hope to welcome you for the online Fall/Winter BOOST series, which is starting right after this weekend!

If you haven’t signed up yet – you still can!

Check out my Fall/Winter online BOOST Program and let me know if you have any questions.

On Monday (31st August) we will start right away with our first topic of the series : Silk Veil BOOST – I look forward to welcoming you there!

Much love,

x Kim/Khalida

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