Dance, Movement

Sound and Vision

The falling of the leaves.

One of my favorite photos ever by the amazing Die Elster

This picture was made during our very first photo shoot together, in Aachener Stadtpark, about 4 years ago.

We used a red silk veil for the movement at the top, plus 4 more red silk fan veils for the ‘drape’ across the stairs.

I love the result, it makes the skirt (costume by Natalie Becker Becker) look liquid, as if the fabric is flowing over the stairs.

I adore using silk props for photo shoots as well as performances.

To me, it feels like painting in 3D.

As a kid I took art classes for a while, and one of the assignments was to listen to different pieces of music, and then ‘draw out’ what we heard.

I loved it, and it resonated with me deeply, as I was often either listening to music or reading books, and I would imagine stories and images to go with both.

This exercise gave me a new, concrete way of visualizing music, and I realized much later that creating dances (especially with props!) felt very similar to this.

Next to that, I loved watching (and trying to imitate!) video clips from TV, and the connection between sound and vision still fascinates me.

Making dances.

Moving images.

Visual sound.

This has stayed with me ever since that drawing class.

One of my favorite photos ever by the amazing Die Elster.

And you?

Do you like to create images when you move?

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