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Instagram REELS – A Creative Treasure Trove

Hello there!

As you may have seen, I have been making lots if REELS (super short mini videos) on Instagram lately for dance, fitness, and even about our forest walks.

I’ve also received quite a few questions from my fellow dancers/teachers/artist about how (and why!) I make them.

WHY do I love them so much?

Hold on to your hat..

  • I am a huge fan of things that encourage Creativity
  • I LOVE when social media/the internet can be used for GOOD.
  • REELS are being PUSHED actively by Instagram right now, so it can GROW a dancer’s/teachers/artists/self-employed brave person’s audience like NOTHING ELSE right now.
  • I LOVE that REELS can be used to encourage people (and myself!) to MOVE
  • I LOVE that it keeps me connected, it keeps me learning, and it keep me feeling inspired
  • I would LOVE for more of the brave, creative, kind people that I know (aka YOU!) to start USING this OPPORTUNITY
  • I want to see YOUR REELS 🙂

So yes. Using social media for GOOD. I think it CAN be done.

Not for consumption, but for CREATION, for LEARNING, for TEACHING, for SHARING tips & spreading JOY, for putting out BEAUTY, GOODNESS and INSPIRATION into the world.

And.. perhaps even more important. To get us to MOVE.

So.. I’ve put together an online REELS Mini Course to help everyone up to speed, AND a blog post (this one!) with the story on how and why.

But before I tell you about that.. how about you? Have you ever made (or even heard of!) Instagram REELS?

Are you..

  • Feeling REELS are something you LIKE to get into, but you’re unsure where to start?
  • Already making REELS, but want to learn MORE about how to make them WORK for YOU?
  • Looking for new ways to get CREATIVE, keep MOVING (in every sense), AND get more people to see your work online?

Then by all means go ahead and Sign up for my REELS with Khalida Mini Course here!

On the other hand, if you are..

  • Not quite sure WHAT REELS even are?
  • Pondering whether having an Instagram Account is worth the trouble?
  • Wondering WHY I feel creating Instagram REELS would be something useful (and fun!) for you to do?

Then read on below 🙂

First of all.. What are REELS?

They are the Instagram equivalent of Tiktok videos (ie super short clips & mini tutorials)

WHY have I started diving into the world of REELS only recently, then?

  • At first I was not sure what to do with them.
  • It was.. confusing (I struggle with the new tech stuff sometimes)
  • But I tried using them anyway. And then gave up. The learning curve was too steep.
  • I could make some, but didn’t like what I made.
  • I saw no real(ha!) use for REELS.

After a while however.. (this is important) – like with everything, after learning a more about how to use Instagram creatively, and how to edit videos for ART and FUN thanks to my genius German/Russian friend Delanna, it became easier.


So I tried again. And this time I persisted. I started with making a few quite bad, then many many mediocre REELS, and some that I kind of liked. it slowly started to feel different.

More easy. More fun. A bit more interesting.

I started learning more about REELS via Youtube, started diving deeply into Instagram Strategy and how to use REELS for teaching, and gradually I became less and less interested in the ‘likes’ or ‘views’ of my REELS, or even posts, and instead more in the PROCESS of CREATING, SHARING and LEARNING

I started making REELS with a PURPOSE (even if just to entertain)


Recently, after a few weeks of doubting, I noticed WHY I wanted to keep making REELS..

They brought joy.

Maybe not to everyone. But to a few. To my mom, my friends, online students.. And also, to me. 

And that is actually quite enough.

So.. I decided. Why wait? Now that I have a bit of time (not much!) and now that I see Instagram still really helps people who use REELS to get more visible, it is the PERFECT time to get started.


Creating REELS is actually a (relatively) EASY and FREE way to get in TONS of ‘creativity power practice’ over time – PLUS it will give your technical/videography skills a boost. 

This is a huge plus in these online times.

So, ok.. HOW can you join?

WHAT will we do?

Module 1: REELS Basics

  • Firstly: The Baducs. What, Why, How.
  • The technical bits you need to START can be learned in one brief session.
  • Easy peasy. I will show you how.

The creative part.. I hope to give you that, too. You will see. 

Module 2: REELS Q&A and Biz

  • In Module 2 we will get more brave with the options, and start optimizing REELS Creation
  • We will focus on WHAT you can make REELS about for different goals
  • Last but not least, we will cover HOW you can make REELS work for YOU

And finally, for the Q&A, at the end of the second session dives into deeper questions about how to use REELS strategically for your business, page, or art, WHILE helping you to find your own creative ‘online voice’.

BOOM. Sounds good?

YES – Yes it does. Sign me Up Right Now. I want to get Creative with REELS!

By the way, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reply.

So.. Will I see you there?

Are you ready to get Creative?

I hope it’s a YES!

Much love,

xx Kim/Khalida

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