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What apparent limitations (or hurdles) have actually helped you see things more clearly/act more creatively in life?

1. For me, seeing my LIMITATIONS in dance early on (lack of balance, trouble with leg work and turns/transitions) led me to take on (and still deeply love!) adult ballet.

It has helped my dancing enormously.

2. Later on, having to almost quit dancing and teaching because of an injury made me have to become my own coach and physiotherapist (I’m still learning every day about movement and our bodies, I LOVE it!)

3. And finally, having to cancel ALL my workshops, performances, classes and events due to lock-downs forced me to dive deeply into the world of ONLINE teaching (and learning!)

Without these roadblocks and limitations, I would NOT have been able to develop the online Strength – Flexibility – Dance BOOST Program, which is STILL helping to BOOST(haha) all our Program Participants’ Dance and Movement mojo every day.

How about you?

What ‘bumps/limitations’ in life have helped you grow and get creative?

Please share your stories in the comments!

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