Time Traveling Taxes


So. I finished my tax return yesterday.

(which means I am feeling like an actual adult today – almost :))

Taxes (for dance) are the strangest thing.

Whenever I do my tax return for a full year in one go (2020 in this case), it makes me re-live what I experienced.

Day by day.

Week by week.

Purchase by purchase.

Cost by cost. Everything passes the (literal) revue.

From unexpected changes (cancelling all events, including DCP, Movespiration and even Movespiration in Crete) to new, tentative creations (Tipdrops – remember – and our very first BOOST session!) to the strangest new purchases (a ring light and a Zoom subscription – who could have imagined I (we!) would ever need those for teaching dance) to super joyous memories (all the online workshops, challenges, live sessions we did) and beautiful encounters (each and every BOOSTie of the year <3)

And now it’s fully gathered. Life took us all in new directions in 2020.

How about you? Do you feel the same?

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