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Spring Recalibration – Martial Arts

An update on my Martial Arts goals for 2019:

  • Continue going to HDGD and TKD class 2 times a week if possible
  • A self defense workshop is in the charts for May, as well as practising what we‘ve learned.
  • Flexibility work has fallen a bit to the wayside the past few weeks. Will get back ‘on it’ (and update the blog!) starting today.
  • Mr E and I have studied intensely for our 1st Dan grade (black belt test) – and we both passed it in March! Now to add new goals (see below)
  • N.b. Teat preparation included studying the Korean TKD terms of all of the movements in our forms, I’ll keep this up for the new forms we learn.

New goals for Taekwondo:

  • Continue kicking practise (basics – front, back and roundhouse kick)
  • Work on a higher yeop chage (side kick)
  • Practise my right spinning hook kick (I worked mostly on the left side for the belt test) to even it out
  • Clean up my stances in forms
  • Stay calm during sparring (aka breathe)
  • Get to full side and front splits
  • Plan a Taekwondo Photo Shoot

New goals for Haidong Gumdo:

  • Ace the next kup (coloured belt) test in June
  • Work hard towards HDGD Open Championships in June
  • Clean up my stances and second form
  • Practise form 1,2,3
  • Survive the Easter Weekend workshop in Amsterdam with EUHDGD Headmaster Han.
  • Work on my jumps (and landings!)
  • Work on my right-to-left horizontal cut
  • Reread ‘listening to the sound of the sword’

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