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Spring Recalibration – Dance

An update on my Dance Goals for 2019.

For Ballet:

  • Still todo – pirouette on pointes!
  • Practise balance
  • Clean up my technique for passé, piqué arabesque, piqué attitude, sous-sous
  • Practise turns: soutenu, chainé, piqué (without and with pointes), pirouettes (double without pointes, single with pointes) and fouettés (without pointe)
  • Work on strengthening my ankles and feet (and film my routine, eventually)
  • Practice épaulement, be more conscious of my arms, and relax my hands (especially during barre work)
  • Practise pointe basics (at home, for strength and flexibility) 1-2 times a week
  • Practise recital choreos 2-3 times a week
  • Get to class (and pointe class) 2-3 times a week
  • Get to group rehearsals 4 times a month (for now, more frequently  starting Q3)
  • Keep working on strength and flexibility for turnout, extensions and cambrés
  • Plan a ballet Photo Shoot

For Bellydance:

  • Continue regular home practise
  • Plan a new WS day in Würselen this summer
  • Share preview video for the ‘Slow and Smooth’ online class/ DVD
  • Brainstorm/meditate on the next Online Class/DVD recording
  • Work on performances and workshops for upcoming spring/summer Events
  • Record a new performance video
  • Dream up a new dance/teaching project for 2020

For Dance4Children:

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