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Spring Recalibration – Martial Arts

An update on my Martial Arts goals for 2019:

  • Continue going to HDGD and TKD class 2 times a week if possible
  • A self defense workshop is in the charts for May, as well as practising what we‘ve learned.
  • Flexibility work has reduced the past few weeks. Will get back ‘on it’ (and update the blog!) starting today.
  • Mr E and I have studied intensely for our 1st Dan grade (black belt test) – and we both passed it in March! Now to add new goals (see below)
  • N.b. Belt test preparation included studying the Korean TKD terms of all of the movements in our forms, I’ll keep this up for the new ones we learn.

New goals for Taekwondo:

  • Continue kicking practise (basics – front, back and roundhouse kick)
  • Work on a higher yeop chagi (side kick)
  • Practise my right spinning hook kick (I worked mostly on the left side for the belt test) to even it out
  • Clean up my stances in forms
  • Stay calm during sparring (aka breathe)
  • Get to full side and front splits
  • Plan a Taekwondo Photo Shoot

New goals for Haidong Gumdo:

  • Ace the next kup (coloured belt) test in June
  • Work hard towards HDGD Open Championships in June
  • Clean up my stances and second form
  • Practise form 1,2,3
  • Survive the Easter Weekend workshop in Amsterdam with EUHDGD Headmaster Han.
  • Work on my jumps (and landings!)
  • Work on my right-to-left horizontal cut
  • Reread ‘listening to the sound of the sword’

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