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Flexibility Goals

My flexibility goals (to aim at! :)) for the year 2019 are:

  • to finally get into all 3 splits (left front, right font, and middle – I managed right front in 2018!)
  • being able to grab my extended leg with both hands while standing – and keeping good balance at that!

I will be working towards these using Stacey Nemour’s online courses (The Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack to be exact – it‘s been extended recently I saw 🙂 if you‘d like to try it, be sure to use code ‘khalidadance’ for 10% off all courses/props/class packages on the site!)

Part 2 of my strategy is to build more healthy flexibility/movement habits, such as:

  • Moving around a bit first thing in the morning, right after waking up
  • Doing leg swings (front, side and back) while waiting for the coffee machine (it takes a minute!)
  • Stretching while journaling/blogging and/or reading (as opposed to spending that time in the sofa/on a chair)
  • Taking a bit of extra time to stretch/cooldown after each workout/BD practise/ballet class or Martial Arts session.
  • Drinking more water. Mooorrre! By keeping a bottle in sight at all times 🙂

And you? What are your flexibility goals for the new year? How will you go about them?

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