Move your DNA – Katy Bowman

Yes, more books!

Today’s book recommendation is Move your DNA by Katy Bowman.

I stumbled (ha!) upon Katy’s work in 2015.

It was a true eye-opener for me to learn how much of our (mental as well as physical) health depends on the daily movements of our body.

You can eat the perfect diet, sleep eight hours a night, and use only baking soda and vinegar to clean your house, but without the loads created by natural movement, all of these worthy efforts are thwarted on a cellular level, and your optimal wellness level remains elusive.

A must read!

PS: Be sure to check out Katy’s  website and blog for a wealth of movement health information, books, articles and videos.

ETA: Also check out the yearly Nutritious Movement Exercise Advent calendar on Instagram and Facebook – this December’s theme is.. strength 🙂


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