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Pointes and Plateaus

One thing that is inevitably a part of learning, of growth, is the time spent in (on?) plateaus.

I am writing this post mostly as a reminder to myself, as patience is something I need to practise as well.

Currently I am at a kind of plateau on pointes (which makes for an interesting visualisation), and I catch myself being less motivated to practise because of it, while knowing that practise would be exactly what helps me the most.

I know, I know.

It helps to think of plateaus as the time where newly acquired skills are deepened and assimilated, until they are dense and stable enough to serve as a platform for the next growth spurt.

It is – again – a matter of trusting the invisible work.

Do the work. Give it time.

Bonus geekery:

Did you know the highest plateau in the world is The Tibetan β€˜Roof of the World? Well, now you do πŸ™‚


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