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The Buds are Waiting

The shortest day (as well as a Meteor Shower, a MercuryJupiter Conjunction and this year’s last full Moon) is fast approaching.

We’ve had frost already in November, and even a bit of snow this week.

We’re in the heart of winter, greeting soon the longest nights.

And yet.

Every morning, when I look outside the kitchen window, I see the buds are waiting.

All of the leaves of next spring, summer, fall… They are already here.

A whole year of growth, all of the potential, it’s all waiting, in a bud.

It just needs light, nourishment (energy, in fact) ..and time.

Just like us.

Go outside, have a look.

And promise yourself you’ll pour your energy into the things (and relationships) you want to see develop, renew, and grow in the course of the New Year.

Only there.

Then give it time.

Bonus geekery (source:

  • American Indian names for the year’s full Moons.
  • American Indian Starlore
  • American Indian Sky

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