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The Great Unknown

One of the hardest things to do in practise for me, still, be it for dance or martial arts, is to work on the things I do not feel I am very ‘good’ at yet.

I know those are precisely the areas where there is the most potential for growth, for positive development.

And yet.

This is something I am trying to be very conscious of.

It takes practise.

Fear gets in the way. And Ego, perhaps.

’I should know how to do this.’

I wonder why that is, exactly. And how it translates to ‘regular life’. What is this about?

Perhaps it is a fear of the unknown. A fear of change. Of letting go of the ‘me’ that I think I know. Of letting go of limitations, ‘current knowledge’, and control.

And this is – I think – precisely why the things we seek the most can only be found on the other side of fear.

Freedom, love, growth, wisdom, skill.

They all require letting go.

Letting go of what we think we know, of who whe think we are.

Of thinking.

Letting go of (the illusion of) control.

So.. what to do about this?

Let’s make a pact for the New Year.

To dive in to life, fully.

Go deep. Let go. Enjoy the ride.

Let’s live, love, and learn. Fearlessly. Generously. Complete.


Bonus geekery

I’ve been listening to *cough* a few  *cough* Podcasts during the past few weeks, and this episode of  ‘Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio’ by Jeremy Lesniak featuring an interview with Tim Cartmell really hit home:

Episode 354 – Mr. Tim Cartmell


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