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Roll with It

Those of you who know me, know (ooh, I like how that sentence came out) that I am an advocate for variability, in movement and in life(!).

I see it as the surest way to build resilience, and to find balance in every sense.

When working on flexibility, I like to employ a holistic approach, and this includes – for me – fascia and trigger point work.

I will write about my favourite books on this fasci(ha!)nating topic in a later post, but for now I’d like to share these free(!) foam rolling videos I created for my (dance, but they are useful for martial arts, too!) students a few years ago.



Bonus geekery:

A different kind of rolling: a shoulder roll – aka part of the to-learn-for-me forms in HaiDong GumDo/Korean Sword Art, which took me no less than 2 years of fruitless attempts – plus a 2-day charity bootcamp with the world champion of kickboxing(!) to learn. Pwoar!

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