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Strength Goals for 2019

In the same vein as this week’s post on flexibility: Goal setting time!

In 2018 I’ve re-picked up (literally) my Kettlebells for strength training.

Nothing too crazy, just building up slowly by working steadily, and with plenty of breaks and rest.

I notice that it makes me feel more balanced, and that it helps to keep me moving, in every sense – even when all I manage to squeeze in most weeks is just one strength practise session.

So I am putting it on the calendar for 2019 as well.

My aims for the New Year are to:

  • Keep the at-least-once-a-week Kettlebell workout rhythm going
  • Refine my technique for KB swings (ie optimize my energy and timing)
  • Tweak my Turkish Get-Ups (ie slow them down at the trickier transitions)
  • Gradually work my way up to Pavel Tsatsouline’s ‘Simple & Sinister workout standard (ie 24 kg for the swings and 16 kg for the getups, and 1:1 natural rest)
  • Be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes – without being sore for a full week after the attempt 🙂
  • Work my way up to 50 one-legged rope skips per leg (I’m currently at 25)

And you? What are your Strength goals for 2019?

Here’s to a strong you in the New Year!



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