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Invest in Yourself

This is so important.

Investing time, energy, love, and effort into your own development is essential to keep growing.

Even in the smallest ways – it makes a tremendous difference.

To be able to truly invest in yourself, you must first find out what this means to YOU.

What choices can you make every day that will bring you closer to the person you want to be?

Which investments – small as they may be – would help you make a difference in a way that is meaningful to you?

Is it.. creating a spot of breathing room into your day? Clearing some space in your home to practise? Making sure you get outside? Eating healthily? Moving around a bit more? Getting good sleep? Taking  that class you’ve been thinking about forever? Doing that workout? Trying something new-to-you? Reading that book? Creating something beautiful-to-you? Spending precious time with a loved one? Contacting a mentor? Choosing more carefully what you say ‘yes’ to? And.. no?

The choices that are right for you will literally feel different than the ones that are not. Listen to your gut. Learn it’s language. Then trust it. It always knows.

For me, this week, it was something very simple.

I made a choice to invest a small amount of money and time into a miniature (1m wide) portable ballet barre.

It was not as expensive as I initially though (no more than a few hours of studio rent’s worth), and not nearly as intimidating as I feared to install (took me 20 minutes)

I’ve always thought having a ballet barre at home was too much of a luxury, somehow. A touch too extravagant. Something only ‘others’ would do.

And then – out of the blue – our amazing Taekwondo teacher (thank you Master Chae!) put a ballet barre in the dojang a few weeks ago 🙂 For helping us work on our flexibility.

I was inspired.

Now I can practise more deeply at home: Work on my kicks in slow motion, challenge my balance (safely!) on pointes, put my leg up just that bit higher for stretching (I was using the sofa – use what you have!) while keeping better (upright) posture throughout.

And you? How will you invest in yourself today?

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