Movement, Strength

A Gentle Approach

It’s the strong hand, not the weak one, that must learn to be gentle.

Today was a day for gentleness.

In all things practise, instead of an ‘all or nothing’ approach, sometimes the best way forward is to take a small (or considerable!) step back. To go deeper instead.

In strength training for instance, ‘off days’ are perfect for refining technique.

A tip from Pavel Tsatsouline would be to use a slightly lighter weight during practise, at least for the first and last set of your workout, and focus more deeply on polishing posture, breath, timing and transitions instead.

Strenghtening the body-mind connection.

For Kettlebell swings use your slightly-lighter-than-usual weight to practise varying intensities. For Turkish Getups try slowing down the holds and transitions a few seconds per ‘spot’.

Try it out. And let me know how it goes!


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