Martial Arts, Movement

Focused Training

Today, in Haidong Gumdo training, we covered several ways to practise and refine a single (diagonal) sword cut.

After that, in Taekwondo class, we got to spend most of our time on practising a single kick.

I loved it. Time flew by.

Focus. Depth. Concentration. Action. Observation. Feedback. Adaptation. Re-focus.

The power of Repetition.

Of trying again. And again.

Variability in practise – one of the many things I love about studying Martial Arts – is made extra powerful by applying it to a single action.

Sometimes we learn more by doing less. Or rather – by doing more, but with deeply focused energy.

With each repetition we grow.

By focusing deeply, by being fully present, one can learn a lot from even a single cut.

A single kick.

A single breath.


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