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Relaxing during the evening with a cup of tea – either alone or together – has long been a tradition in House Bech.

This year I wanted to take it a step deeper, and delve into the world of tea ceremony.

The picture below shows a very simple matcha tea (ie finely ground green tea, often used in the Zen Buddhism-inspired Japanese tea ceremonies) set.

For beginners 🙂

Matcha tea comes as a fine powder. To prepare it, a small portion is scooped into a bowl with a bamboo spoon. Hot (ideally about 70 degrees) water is then carefully poured onto it, and the resulting green solution is whisked briskly, but carefully, into a light foam using a ‘chasen’, a bamboo whisk.

At least, that’s how it works – roughly – for the informal usucha (thin tea) version.

I’m still practising. I love the taste of the tea, the focus it brings, and the ‘lightness’ that is required for the whisking. It feels very ground(ha)ing.

The effort and concentration it requires to get the tea ‘just so’ slows me down. It magically invites to enjoy the tea even more.

Rituals create meaning. Focus adds depth. Slowing down deepens experience.

Harmony, respect, purity, tranquility. The four principles of Chanoyu.

They could be applied to martial arts, to practise, to dance, to life, to anything.

And you? What are your favourite rituals?

And/or.. your favourite tea? 🙂


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