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Quantum Kicking

This week’s TaeKwonDo epiphany is brought to you by quantum mechanics.

Not kicking quantums – that is something that intrinsically happens.

We’re always kicking quantums.


Recently, as I was struggling with a turning kick in Taekwondo, our Teacher made the remark that I will have to let go of trying to check what my feet are doing (by looking down) if I want my feet to be able to do what they must.


As our visual focus changes, the alignment of our body changes with it.

Eyes on the target.

Incidentally, my ballet teacher told us something very similar last week about practising arabesques.

You can’t be checking an arabesque position in a (frontal) mirror without changing your alignment.

All is connected. The observation changes the observed.. as well as the observer.

Bonus geekery:

In quantum terms this phenomenon is called: the Observer Effect.

And I‘ve noticed that my state of mind  changes too, because of what is observed.

What else could we apply this principle to?


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