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Strength for February

A short recap of the last workout/strength practise session of the month – in this case also our Taekwondo belt test preparation workout.

This February has been action-packed, with lots of dance events (and thus plenty loaded carries!), but not as much time taken on Sundays for focused strength work.

Nevertheless, we managed to squeeze in 2 gentle strength practise sessions in the past week weeks.

This is a recap of what I did in the latest session:


Breath work, meditation

Rope skipping

  • 115 ‘regular’ jumps (no break)
  • 50L + 50R one-legged skips
  • 50 speed jumps
  • 35 high-knee jumps (both legs)

Kettlebell Workout

  • Simple & Sinister‘ Warmup, 8kg
  • 2 x 10 swings with 16kg
  • 3 DL with 24 kg (two hands)
  • 2 DL with 24 kg (one hand – RL)
  • 10 swings with 24 kg
  • 3 x TGU (L/R) with 8kg
  • 1 x TGU (L/R) with 12 kg


  • ’Simple & Sinister’ Cooldown
  • Extra Stacey stretches for the hips, inner thighs, shoulders, quads and hamstrings

And you? What is your current favourite workout/movement/strength practice routine?

Let me know!

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