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Avoiding the Void

This week I found myself in a pointe-shoe related conundrum.

I had procrastinated on saying goodbye to my old (aka very comfortable, but sadly also overly worn) pointe shoes for just a smidge too long, leaving me with very little time for breaking in my new shoes properly before having to wear them in class.

It was.. uncomfortable.

And, more importantly, utterly avoidably so.

I had been stuck in the void. In between shoes.

So what is the lesson I am learning from this?

It’s important to know when it’s time to say goodbye.

Not being able to let go of outworn (and, given enough time, a bit too comfortable!) ideas or habits, items, relationships.. means you are blocking yourself from the new.

You are jamming up the flow of life.

Growth needs space, inspiration needs breathing room.

Saying goodbye means being free.

How about you? Where might you be holding on for too long?

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