Martial Arts, Movement

Gravity and Flow

One of the most interesting (and unexpectedly fun!) things we got to practice during this weekend’s MartialArts4Children workshop day was ‘ground work’ techniques for MMA.

In other words, I survived my very first jujitsu-esque experience.

I found it incredibly intriguing. Playing with gravity, using the flow of movement (or at least trying to!) and awareness of body mechanics while staying in motion.

It required us to plunge into the moment, staying relaxed yet very active, hyper aware of one’s own as well as the other person’s ‘situation’ in relation to the ground – which kept ever changing – combined with the constant pull of gravity.

Connection. Awareness. Gravity. Flow.

Very tiring. And at the same time highly energising.

I absolutely loved it.

And you? What are your thoughts on ‘working the floor’?

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