Movement, Strength

The Power of Breath

How you breathe – it changes everything.

This was one of the most profound lessons we learned from our coaches at today‘s MartialArts4Children charity workshops.

How you move, what (and how much!) you feel, your speed and accuracy of reaction, your mood, your flexibility, your (inner and outer) strength, all is connected to your breath.

We also practised deepening our KIAI (Gihap in Korean) – powerful work, but not always easy to do for us westerners 🙂

Power of body and mind.

Focusing on your breathing consciously in movement, means everything will transform.

Many more insights were shared in todays classes – so a few more #MA4C-inspired blog posts will follow soon.

Bonus geekery

As it happens – this week’s episode of Russell Brand‘s fantastic ‘Under the Skin’ podcast (featuring Wim Hof – aka The Ice Man) covers this exact same topic – and it goes even deeper:


And keep breathing 🙂

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