Inspiration, Movement


Going all the way back to how I came to start writing this daily blog.

The inspiration was.. movement. And inspiration itself.

When I started taking Martial Arts classes a few years ago, the movement discoveries there inspired me to go deeper in ballet, which in turn motivated me to renew my bellydance practise, as well as take up strength training, get out in nature more, and dive into flexibility work.

This opened up – again – a whole new well of inspiration, more than I could contain, so I decided I wanted to share what I was learning with others in some way.

My first idea was to do this through a yearly event – now called ‘MoveSpiration’.

From this beautiful experience, and from the heartfelt connections that I could feel were growing throughout the weekend, arose the wish to share even more.

All of my sources. Every day.

Martial Arts, Dance, Nature, Inspiration, Flexibility, Books, Strength.

These are the areas where I find daily growth.

It is my hope that by sharing my learnings in this blog, they might spark inspiration for some of you, too.

These ladies inspire me <3

And you? What inspires you?


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