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Posture Support Strap

This strap was designed and created by Stacey Nemour.

I got it at the beginning of this year, and I use it mostly as a gentle reminder to stay ‘open’ in my upper body while doing work around the house and/or at the computer.

At times I wear the strap during flexibility practice as well, as I have the feeling it helps me bypass old alignment habits without constricting my movements too much.

How does it work?

You put the padded part of the straps around your shoulders, a bit like an invisible back pack. The Stacey-logo will be resting on your back between your shoulder blades.

The length of the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted in the front (under your armpits) using the Velcro ends once you have the posture strap on.

What does it do?

Feeling the strap as you wear it automatically enhances your awareness of your upper body. It’s design gently supports the alignment of your shoulders by preventing them from ‘rolling in’ too much.

This in turn helps you spot certain alignment habits as you move (or work, sit, stand, or practice) – giving you the chance to auto-correct your alignment in real-time.

Effects after wearing it

It might not feel like much is happening at first, but increasing your body awareness (along with doing focused flexibility work) will make an enormous difference in your movement quality over time.

Tip: Try wearing the strap in situations where you know your posture tends to get compromised most easily – this will help you notice the effects more immediately.


If you’d like to try it out

We have ONE Posture Support Strap available at our Dance4Children solidarity channel!

Go get yourself the Stacey Posture Support strap here.

Be sure to use code ‘D4C’ on checkout for a 10% discount on all of Stacey’s flexibility and posture support straps at staceynemour.com

PS: In case you already own the posture support strap: let me know how it works for you!

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