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Spring Recalibration – Journaling

An update on this January’s Journaling Post:

  • Daily Journal: I still write in this one almost daily, recording dreams, gratitude, ideas, todos and a movement log
  • Book of good ideas: This one is full(!) so I will need to find a new one soon. For now I’m jotting down ideas in the daily journal, but I like having them in a space of their own.
  • Class notes: Hmmm.. this fell by the wayside lately. I will restart my notes this week, and perhaps even retro-note a bit what I remember during the Easter Holidays
  • Passion Planner: I note the ‘big plans’ once a month, and fill in the weekly/daily tasks at least once a week
  • Dancers Day Planner: Once a week for the weekly views, and I re-ccheck my quarter notes once a month

It’s still a lot of journaling, but it very much helps me stay ‘free’ in my mind, oddly enough. So I will keep at it for a while.

And you? Do you journal?

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