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Exploring New Heights

Today‘s workout includes a new addition: Jump height training using yoga blocks.


Very simple, but highly(har) effective.

  • Stack ‘em up
  • Jump over sideways (lift the knees rather than heels)
  • Land safely
  • Jump back

Try a few reps like this, and if it works: re-stack the blocks to add height.

Repeat until you find your max of the day and record.


Full workout routine:

Warmup & jump training

  • Joint rotations
  • Calf raises on block
  • Rope skip: 1 x 125 + 1 x 175
  • Leg stretches
  • Rope skip 1 foot: 50 + 75 LR
  • High jumps (with blocks)

Upper body strength & Mobility

A short routine with our favourite exercises from this video class by Stacey Nemour.

KettleBell warmup (8 Kg)

Repeat for 3 sets:

  • Goblet squats 5x
  • Hip bridge 5x
  • Halo 5x


  • 1 minute (elbow) plank
  • 30 sec/15 LR 1 leg (up) plank
  • 30 sec/15 LR 1 leg (side) plank
  • 20 leg pushes (lower abs)
  • 20 diagonal punch situps
  • Extend and stretch abs in all directions

TGU (8 Kg)

  • Left side 4 x
  • Right side 4 x

Bonus kick training (2,5Kg ankle weights)

On all 4s:

  • Kickbacks 10
  • Kickbacks up 5
  • Knee side 10
  • Knee rotation CW side 5
  • Knee rotation CCW side 5
  • Roundhouse kick side 10
  • Repeat with other leg

Seated on mat:

  • 90/90 sit, lift and extend back leg, bring to front, lift in front, turn out/in, bring to back, return to 90/90

Side lying, 1 arm/elbow supports:

  • Slow motion yeop chagi (side kick) x 3
  • Lift leg to side (extended), 3 x small circle CW & CCW at highest point, slowly bring down


  • Hips/lower back stretches
  • Leg/glutes stretches


That’s it for today!

The coming week we‘ll be up in the hills of southern Germany, getting our walk on in the Oberstaufener nature.

Exploring (literally) new heights 🙂

What‘s your current movement routine?

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