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It gets Better

It gets better.

Something good to remember – especially for things that ‘take their time’.

I love listening to podcasts. Usually I take the time to tune in on my way to/from ballet class, or while I’m doing administration work and chores at home.

Even when the topics are not really dance related, they often help me think of different aspects of the learning process itself.

Something that struck a chord with me recently was spoken of in ‘The Mindset of the Intermediate Martial Artist’ by Jeremy of Whistlekick Martial Arts.

The episode touches on how difficult it can be to stay motivated as a student (of dance, of martial arts, of any skill, of life) in the ‘long middle part’ on the path to mastery.

There is always a phase in your learning where you will need to go ‘deeper’ instead of wider to keep improving your skills.

Revisiting, refining, or even partially relearning the fundamentals might bring more progress at some point than to keep on adding ‘new’.

This is where things get interesting.

It helps to start seeing the process as one of cultivation. Not only of your skills/knowledge, but of your Self.

Appreciate the learning that happens every moment.

Know that progress doesn’t need to follow a linear path.

This also goes for projects that take time to reach completion.

Growth can be invisible.

Stay open.

Be curious.


Enjoy the view.

Have patience with yourself.



Not always the easiest path.

The rewards are worth it, though. You yourself will change in the process.

It gets better. Bit by bit.




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