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Beware the Beasties

Summer is reaching it’s warmest days, and with the upcoming outdoor-shooting themed Posing for Pictures 2 online workshop coming up this Saturday (you can still join me, blog readers get a 15% discount! It will be great fun :))

I’d like to share with you the things I do when I know I will be spending time amongst the beasties (ie the tiny ones that may bite/sting!).

Prevention – Natural Mosquito repellent

What? A do-it-yourself mix of coconut oil and neem oil.

Why? Repels mosquitoes, biting insects, and even (so I’ve read) ticks!


  • Grab a (flat is easiest) container
  • Add a few tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Add a few drops of neem oil (simply check the bottle for dosage)
  • Mix/mash both for a bit (I do this with the spoon I used for the coconut oil)
  • Apply to skin

This natural remedy helps me to stay mosquito-bite free during our forest evening walks – and, according to the internet, it also works to repel ticks!

Simply mix a few tablespoons of coconut oil with a few drops of neem-oil (see image) in a small container and stir.

This yields me enough oil mix to protect me for a few months!

I apply it on my skin wherever I might get bitten/stung before going outside, (especially the ankles, behind the knees, neck and wrists/arms/hands) and so far it has worked pretty well for me. I do still make sure to keep moving, especially on warm evening walks 🙂 Safety first!

This (natural!) remedy has kept me completely bite-free during my latest 2 outdoor photo shoots, and I’m incredibly thankful for that.

It does smell a bit, like a mix of peanuts and garlic, but I find it a very small price to pay for itchy-free evenings.

Try this, and let me know if it works for you!

Important note: Be sure to check whether you are not allergic to neem oil first, and keep it (and the mix) out of reach of infants/kids, as ingestion can be toxic!

Care – Natural Wasp Sting remedy

If you get stung by a wasp, try this:

What? A thick slice of onion

Why? Eases the pain and swelling of a wasp sting


  • Clean the sting area with water and soap
  • Grab an onion
  • Cut off a thick slice
  • Place the freshly cut side on the sting area
  • Keep it there for about 20 minutes, or longer (see below for an easy no-hands way to do this!) until the pain and swelling reduces/disappears

Pro Tip: You can easily fabricate an onion-slice-band-aid using a strip of adhesive skin tape, a square piece of kitchen paper and an onion slice. As an extra bonus, you can refrigerate the remaining piece of onion, so you’ll have a fresh replacement slice whenever you want.

Other Remedies:

  • A variation of the above, but with thin slices of garlic and a slightly moistened cotton pad
  • Pure aloe vera gel (also great for sun burns!)
  • Kiehl’s Skin Rescue Cream with Calmomille (for me the onion/garlic compress works better, but this cream is amazing for treating contact allergies.
  • You can find a bunch more tips here (I might try the garlic one next!)

Important note: If you are severely allergic to wasp stings, this onion trick will not be of much help to you to prevent an allergic reaction, so please be sure to take the necessary precautions (and carry an epi-pen) instead in that case!

Good luck, and stay safe!

x K.

PS: Are you looking for tips on poses and preparation for outdoor shootings? I’ve got you back!

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