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Outdoor Photoshoot with Rosa Engel

This forest photo shoot, taken in July with the incredibly talented Rosa Engel, has been a wonderful and very interesting experience.

Naturally, I get a bit nervous about photo shoots, which is why I like to prepare myself very thoroughly (see my online workshop package for more details on that!)

Outdoor photo shoots come with their own set of challenges (like beasties)

Catching the Light

My preparation/packing routine are slightly different, plus I need to adapt the makeup, outfit choices and styling options to natural light and the environment of the shoot.

Next to that, while it is similar in some ways, it’s also completely different in others. It inspires other ways of posing.

Or even not posing at all, in some cases. Simply tuning in to the moment instead.

In the Zone

Every outdoor photo shoot is unique, and this in turn gives even more ideas.

The experience itself teaches you an enormous amount all at once, as there are so many impressions to process.

And the pictures will have a very different ‘spirit’.

Dancing & Dreaming

In short: If you get the chance to do an outdoor photo shoot this year: please go for it!

You will be very happy you did.

To be able to share as much as possible of what I’ve learned from my recent (and previous!) outdoor photo shooting experiences with as many dancers as possible, I’ve decided to:

  • dive deeper into the outdoor shooting theme this year
  • gather all my experiences from previous and more recent outdoor shoots
  • think up some more posing variations that I’d love for dancers of all styles to experiment with
  • play a bit more consciously with ‘glam’ and ‘natural’ outdoor shoots
  • figure out what the best (and most practical!) makeup and styling tips would be for shootings with natural light
  • create a mini warm up/micro-workout that I could do in costume/shooting outfit, no matter where I am
  • get out of my own comfort zone and try something different, like this shoot
  • put together a new blog post – with an outdoor shooting theme – to do just that

Anyhow, back to Rosa’s photo shoot. Her work is simply amazing.

The session felt like a beautiful forest walk, and speaking with her – on our way to find the best light 🙂 – filled me with a sense of calm and ease, something I don’t often feel on first encounters.

She’s like a photography shaman.

I loved being part of this project of hers, themed ‘dancing in the woods’.

Natural and beautiful, with the environment and dancers moving as one.

I feel Rosa’s pictures speak for themselves.

You can find her on instagram here.



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