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Kettlebell Love

KETTLEBELLS – What are they for?

They make you stronger. More flexible. More agile. Perhaps even pain-free.

IF you use them well.

For the first 36 years of my life, I had never owned a Kettlebell.

Nor had I heard of them, even.

I got myself my very first Kettlebell in 2015, to be able to take part in the ‘home gym’ version of Monika Volkmar Bodywork’s online Dance Stronger course.

It’s an earlier version of her Liberated Body Program, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Why did I take part in that program?


To see if it would help my chronic hip/shoulder pain.

It did.

One week into Monika’s Program, my views on movement, alignment, body-mind connections and the power of rest(!) and breathing were forever changed.

Two weeks into it, my right obliques and my lats had woken up from a 15-year slumber (they had gradually started switching off after a fall on my tailbone that had twisted my pelvis.. just a touch) and I was incredibly sore.

The week after that.. I was pain-free. 3 Weeks into the (test version of) the Program.

Things would never be the same.

I learned that movement is the key to everything. Movement of everything. Joints, Bones, Organs, all.

But not without the brain coming along for the ride.

Body and Mind. And breathing.

And kettlebells? They’ve become my friends.

What makes them special?

And how do I use them?

More on that in the next few posts.


And you?
Do you train with kettlebells?

If yes, how did you get to know them?

And what kinds of practice do you use them for?

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