Inspiration, Movement

Review & Preview

TOPICS – What can you find in my Blog? What will you find in the future?

Check the image below (and the categories above) for a sneak preview…

A sneak preview of how things will look

As you can see, a broad field of interests 🙊

There are 360 posts for you to browse through currently, all written in the past few years.

It’s our 3rd birthday on January 28th .. how time flies!

It currently has 7 Topics – one for each day of the week.. more or less 🙂

They are:

– Strength (my routine)
– Flexibility (body & mind)
– Inspiration (thoughts)
– Books (my sources)
– Dance (my learnings)
– Martial Arts (my journey)
– Nature (my solace)

You can find these as categories in the menu.

I‘ll be writing a bit more on each topic in the coming days – to inspire you/me/us to:

– share your thoughts on these as well
– get us moving
– get to know cool blogs to follow

Soo.. What are your favorite blogs, pages, links, or people to follow on movement & inspiration currently?

Do you have a page/blog of your own as well?

Please share in the comments below, and I‘ll go check them out!

See you SOON!
x K.

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