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Who and Why we Are

Who am I?

Well.. how to answer that.

Who are we ever, really?

It is easy to take on titles, names, labels, or roles, and define ourselves by them.

It can be quite helpful, practical, at times necessary to ‘be who we must be’ in certain situations.

It can also become limiting, sneakily so, over time.

We may come to believe that what we call ourselves is who we really are.

We are more than labels.

But what is it then?

Who are we underneath who/what we say we are? Even to ourselves?

What is that inside of us all about?

Are we our bodies? Our minds? Both?

What we do? What we feel?

Something else entirely?

And if we find a name for it.. it still kind of changes over time, doesn’t it?

The day, the years, the moment.

So what are we? Why are we even here?

Deep, huh.

Let me know your thoughts (and/or feelings).

2 thoughts on “Who and Why we Are

  1. I believe we are body and mind, and much more beyond this.
    For me, this ‘much more’ is believing or really feeling that we are ‘ok’ the way we are.
    When I walk in nature, or when I paint, I feel connected with the trees, the light, my brush and paint, and every fear, negative thoughts disappears.
    We are much more than titles and labels.
    I can say ‘I am an artist’, even when I am not well known in Belgium. I can’t live from this. But I have to paint and draw. Otherwise I don’t feel complete.
    If I strive to much to get the title ‘well known artist’, I start to think too much, I am not centered anymore.
    That is my challenge in live; to stay close to my heart and listen to my ❤.
    To paint with my soul and belly. 😍
    Society and my education showed me another way very harshly.
    When I follow my own path, with falling and standing up again, I am who I am, I am ok, and I feel much more then body and mind.
    I feel one with nature, with mother earth and every living creature on earth, an then miracles happen!
    Maybe very small for other people.
    But big and important for me!🌷🌈💙

    1. Thank you so much for sharing dear Maria. And yes, I feel similarly. In moments where we can just ‘be’ – free of worries, doubts, and thoughts – like when walking in nature, just moving about, or in comfortable company.. that’s when we get to experience something that comes closer to who/what we really are. I love the expression you used.. to paint with the soul and belly.. or even to do every thing we do from that place <3
      Thank you. And thank you also for letting me know that this beautiful comment was here, waiting to be discovered..

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