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Welcome (Back)

Hello there,
Welcome (willkommen) to JOYOFMOVEMENTBLOG 🌱

As I saw there are some new followers on my blog instagram page recently (hi! thank you!!) I figured it might be a good moment for a little re-introduction.

So what/who is K’ Joy of Movement Blog?

A very good question.

The Blog started as an experiment for me  (aka Kim/Khalida Bech) – as a way to channel an excess of inspiration

So it was born out of necessity, in a way.

How did the idea come to pass?

I was inspired by Seth Godin ‘s Blog (check out his writings on.. well, everything!) daily blog emails, wherein he mentioned.. that everyone should write a daily blog.

So.. I wanted to know whether I’d be able to do this, and what would happen if I did.

Writing a post, any post, sharing some thoughts, putting them ‘out there’ – one every day.

I did it. For almost a year I blogged every day.

My goal was to find out:

  • If I could make daily writing a new habit
  • What this would do to my thinking
  • What it might evolve into over time
  • Whether the posts might be of help for anyone else

Why do it?

I had been experiencing so much inspiration from classes I had been taking and podcasts/books I had been listening to/reading (a bit like right now with the input abundance from Delanna, her make up styling classes, and her instagram WOW21 solidarity event, that I needed:

  • A way to process inspiration
  • A creative outlet for ideas
  • An anchoring point for thoughts
  • A way to learn, by sharing

I figured writing a daily blog might help.

And it did.

It did much more than I expected.

More on that in a later post.

For now, welcome. Glad you are here.

Feel free to have a look around in the older posts and share whatever resonates with you.

See you soon for a deeper (or wider 🤓) introduction.

How about you? Let me know:

  • What brought you here?
  • What are you making?

Let me know in the comments below!

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