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FREEDOM – A very big part of why I love to learn, is the sense of freedom that it creates.

A wider view. A deeper interest. Change.

We can always keep learning.

About our environment. About ourselves.

Exploring. Noticing. Limitless..

This post was inspired by a few different things.

  • NEO. A deeply soul-touching and freedom-giving three day movement intensive with Illan Rivière.
  • The heartwarming and kind of mindbending moments I have been lucky enough to witness and experience during the past weeks of BOOST21
  • A general sense of awe, of beauty and love, and discovery.
    Thankfulness. Even in the midst of it all.

And you?

What are you learning about right now?

Please share!

PS: As you can see, and as mentioned in my previous post, I’m reworking the online spaces. Reshuffling things. Making space.

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