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Happy Hearts

FINDING JOY – What are the things that make your heart happy?

Lets’s make a list! Please share below.

For me it’s..
– Taking a beat. Making time to notice just ‘what is’
– Finding Awe. Realizing how strange it is to even be alive, on a Planet, in the Universe
– Silly things (especially cats being silly)
– Good Environments. Walking in Nature. Finding myself in Good Company.
– Art. Dance. Music. Movement. Play.
– Finding Freedom through Creativity.
– DoGooding. In simple ways.
– Discovery. Finding. Learning. Changing my View on Things I thought I knew.

And you?

PS: New things are brewing on the blog!

As you may have seen, I’m currently working to integrate my social account(s!) as well as my youtube channel more closely with my blog.

For a peek begind the curtain, come follow me on Instagram at:

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