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Our Voice

VOICE – to honestly and authentically express ourselves.

Sometimes easier said than done.

It can be tempting to try and fit in.

To play small. To go with the herd.

To hide our true selves.. or at least part(s) of it.

To only present what we imagine is most likely to fit the expectations (and gain approval) of others..

And yet we long to be appreciated. Accepted. Loved.

For what we are right here, right now.

It’s a tight rope to walk.

For artists, humans, relationships, life.

Especially in these times.

Social media. Corporate hierarchies. Family roles. Relationships. Our livelihoods (and cultures) may depend on it.

Especially times we’re not fully (yet) accepting ourselves.

And yet, we feel more free when we simply are who we know to be.

Flaws and all.

It asks courage to take a stand.

To voice ourselves. To let our voices be heard.

Especially for what we feel is important.

And even more so, to listen in.

Speak your Truth


If you could say absolutely anything to your Self (and the world) right now..

What would it be?

If you could be fully You, who would you be?

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