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Meditation – Q&A Video

Creativity, journaling, meditation, and intuition.. they are all closely connected.

I discovered meditation (and the benefits of it) more or less by accident a few years ago, as I was reading a book on Tibetan Dream Meditation.

It is titled β€˜Dreaming yourself Awake’ and I found it absolutely fascinating.

In this video you’ll find:

  • my favorite meditation method
  • why I started recording my dreams
  • thoughts on lucid dreaming (full blog post on this soon!)
  • favorite dream dictionary app (apple & android version)
  • dream meditation book recommendation (see link above!)
  • what meditation does for me
  • intuition, creativity and health

IGTV video (with subtitles!) at

Enjoy, and feel free to share!

(some of the) things you will see

Full Q&A video at

How about you? Do you meditate? Have you ever recorded your dreams?

If yes, how has it helped you for dance (and life?)

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