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Meditation Side Effects

SIDE EFFFECTS – What are your favorite ‘side effects’ of meditation?
What does it do for you?
For me it:
  • Calms my thoughts
  • Relaxes my body
  • Clears my mind
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Warms my heart
And this in turn enables me to..
  • Make better choices
  • Have more energy
  • Live more authentically
ESPECIALLY if I give myself:
  • time (this does make a difference.. our biochemistry needs about 20 minutes to ‘flip’)
  • permission to do something ‘unimportant’ (even though, you know, self care is important!)
  • permission to do meditation ‘wrong’ (whatever this may mean)
  • reassurance that it will ‘work’(it always does.. just differently than we may expect)
Checking in for insights
How about you? What happens for you after you meditate?
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