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Meditation Magick

MEDITATION – an easy (and totally free!) way to restore, refocus, and recover.

I’m always surprised at how well it works.

It fills the energy tanks, clears bumping-around thoughts and releases body tension.


What happens when You meditate? During the session?

Can you describe it? If you want, please share below!

For me it goes like this..

Minute 1-5:

  • I lie down and give myself a moment to get used to gravity..
  • I usually feel a bit stiff, tired, or distracted, and not really motivated.. all signs that I really do need to be there
  • After doing 4-7-8 breathing for a few rounds my body starts to finally settle

Minute 5-15:

  • Very often, this is where my mind gets super active, I’ll be going back and forth between drifting into thoughts and noticing that. This is the main portion of the meditation session.
  • I might feel a bit fidgety, I might feel a need to move. If that is the case I tense/release parts of my body, focus on my breathing once more for a moment, and.. I allow myself to check my timer (only once max per session!)

15-20 minutes:

  • If any ‘urgent’ ideas or intuitions suddenly pop up (often happens around this point) I might jot them down on a little piece of paper (or my journal, if I’ve remembered to put it nearby) so I can get back to the biznis of ‘just being’.
  • Gradually my thoughts will start to settle. More and more. And so will my body.

20+ minutes:

  • I might feel muscles relax that I didn’t even know were tensed.
  • Often around this time I start thinking ‘well, it’s is not doing much today’
  •  Then.. if I am very lucky, I might feel a subtle shift in my energy.
  • This is the most fun part! I will feel deeply relaxed, all at once, but also clear.
  • Every breath I take, parts of me relax even more deeply.
  • Note: I might also just doze off at this point. If that happens I needed the rest more 🤭
  • I also might start to feel tingly, as if I am suddenly more aware of being connected to.. a body.
  • If/when this happens, I will also be more sensitive to sound and light (so I often put my hoodie on)
  • Loud sounds (aka Mr E’s booming voice 😂) will startle me.
  • If I focus deeply, I am sometimes able to transfer this feeling of connectedness from one hand/arm (this is where it’s easiest to feel) to the other, ot to my feet, or even to have it ecompass my whole body, or the room.
  • If my timer goes off, and I do have the time, I may re-set it for 5-10 more minutes to enjoy the bonus relaxation
  • To close the session, I gently move my joints, and optionally do some stretching

So.. in short, the last bit is where (for me!) the magic happens.

And this is why I advise to go for at least 24 minutes in one go – especially at first .

Bonus advantage.. it also helps agains hayfever symptoms!

Re-Focus & Re-Energize

How about you?

What does your ‘meditation time’ look/feel/sound like on the inside? Do you recognize any of this?

Please share below!


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