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DREAMSCAPES – Have you ever had dreams where you were able to recognize the place(s) you are in from previous dreams?

If yes, do share (and – if you can – describe your places/dreams!) below.

I’ll do so, too, later on.

It always has a special kind of feeling when this happens. It can be a house, a room, a forest, a bridge, a road or even a full city.

There’s also a watch tower, a field, a garden, a store, a restaurant, a work place, an air port(!) and a school that I seem to return to in my dreams every now and then.

Remembering I am in a DreamScape often unlocks previous memories of dreams as well. Of the same place, and others.. while I am still in them. It’s a powerful way to tap into the deeper subconsciousness.

It’s almost like lucid dreaming, but not quite.

The feeling I get from this picture (by the amazing Kerstin Elster, taken at Mondo Verde last summer) comes pretty darn close.

Costume by Polina, picture by Die Elster

Bonus Geekery

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