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THE UNIVERSE IS ON YOUR SIDE – My very first digital Collage.

Made with Bazaart, inspired by Delanna

How/Why did I make this?

First of all.. I wasn’t expecting/aiming to create something ‘shareable’ at all.

This was just me trying out what I had learnt, starting with a picture that I wanted to post, digital doodling, because on Wednesday I finally picked up my sword again (see this link for the FB Session on Saidi for that)


A deep talk I had with my friend Moniamove on Truth vs What we are Told, (in)Justice and Power(lessness), and the Burst of Energy we can tap into when we are defending/protecting what (who!) is dearest to us. Too much for one post!


Lately, I have been feeling this kind of URGENCY to share. To create. To inform. To show. To reveal.

In my own way, I want to pierce the illusions that we are being sold for Truth:

We should all be quiet, sit still, give our energy, monies and time (attention!) to whatever is ‘fed’ to us. Just consume, consume, consume.

Who does this benefit? Let’s think about that.

Being aware is where the power lies. Knowing we have this power. We can learn. We can move. We can create. We can inspire. We have tools.


We can use our art/work/actions to express. We can change our thoughts/habits/words/actions for the better. Inspire others, too.


Images have Power. They invoke thoughs, emotions, action. They can Transform the Viewer. Like creating your own Tarot cards.

(Do you read Tarot cards? Let me know if you do!)


Anytime we do something creative.. our subconscious guides our choices. Even digital ones.

Colours, placement, templates, shapes (music, movements, moods, adornments) it’s all expression.

Art has a way of bringing out our inner Truth.

And you? What is yours?

If you were to make a Collage based on a picture of yourself (go try it!!) What would it be? What would come out?

What would you call it?

Please share!

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