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Tools for Creation

TOOLS – What are the instruments you can use (or COULD use) for creating? for teaching? for finding inspiration? and for expressing?

Here is a list of mine:
(Feel free to save this post for reference, & let me know if you have questions about these!)


✅ Pen & Paper (thoughts into ideas)
✅ Google Calendar (ideas into plans)
✅ iPhone (to capture)
✅ Capcut (to edit)
✅ Reels (capture, create, transform)
✅ FaceApp (quick photo edits)
✅ Lightroom (presets)
✅ Canva (covers, posts, flyers, presentations)


✅ Gumroad (Classes, payments)
✅ Zoom (Workshops, BOOST Classes)
✅ Laptop, Webcam, iPhone
✅ Ring Light (Neewer) & Tripod
✅ FB/Insta Live (Interactive & Recordings)
✅ REELS/Stories/Posts (Mini Tutorials)
✅ Mailerlite (Email)
✅ WordPress (Website)


✅ Podcasts, Books, Art
✅ Sleep (without it, I am nothing)
✅ Dreams (day and night)
✅ Meditation
✅ Time in Nature
✅ Writing
✅ Movement
✅ Simple Tasks
✅ Nothing (and Long Showers)


✅ Dance, Movements (also silly ones!)
✅ Photography (thanks to Delanna – digital collages )
✅ Writing, Blogging
✅ Free-hand Doodling
✅ REELS (yep!), Posts, Stories
✅ Teaching (& learning, in every sense)

And you? What are your favourite tools?
Are any of these new/familiar to you?

Let me know!

Used: Ring light + Bluetooh Remote, iPhone, FaceApp, Lightroom, (this Blog)

Share your favourite tool below! 👀🤓💕✨

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