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Self Care September

CHECKING IN – Hello, how come it’s already September?

How are we doing right now..

How are YOU doing?

  • What are you working on?
  • How do you feel?
  • What are you happy with?
  • What will you give yourself this September?

Please share in the commments below! 🌸

For me, the days between summer and fall are one of the favorite times of the year.

I can feel the energy shifting.. from outwards to inwards 🌘

August has been a month filled with action and inspiration.

Teaching BOOST (so much love!) as well as being part (participant and guest teacher) of Delanna ‘s Instagram Creativity course have both filled me with joy, energy and more inspiration than I can manage to process 🙈

It feels like the perfect time for a break.

I’ve learnt this the hard way..

When I get inspired, I can work work work (haha) and create non stop.

It’s NOT sustainable.

Things start falling by the wayside (important ones, those that replenish me the most)

Relaxing, reading, meditating, gentle stretching, time in nature..

And I feel it.

My body starts getting aches, I feel less moveable.

My mind feels restless.. sleep suffers.. I start to worry about smaller things..

And Im noticing that I’m checking my phone just a tad too much.

Not so good, right?

Do you recognize this? 👀

..The solution is easy.

(Re)balancing is a matter of.. HABITS

If I have time to check my phone.. I have time to do healthier-for-me things. Right?

So how do we know what to do?

Listen in.

For me journaling helps enormously.
Writing it out. It helps me focus.

Getting enough rest/sleep (I’ll write more on this later on!)

Drinking enough water

Moving gently

Reading an actual book

The Essentials

If I do these things, I feel more calm.

More clear.

And it helps me make better choices overall.

Sooo.. I’m officially declaring September to Self-Care Month

Giving myself 30 Days to build a healthier, sustainable MORNING ROUTINE:

  • A warm beverage (coffee or tea 🫖)
  • A bit of journaling
  • At least 5-10 minutes of gentle movement

Will you join me? What do YOU need?

Let’s cheer each other on. I’ll be posting a daily ‘did it’ note in my Instagram Stories


Outfit: Bodyess by Jamilah of Poland

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