Movement, Nature

Blausteinsee Light

Loved the light at Blausteinsee today.

You know, sometimes you just need to get outside and BREATHE for a moment.

We did. And we were rewarded with a refreshing, invigorating and surprisingly adventurous (read: we veered off the regular path! but found our way back.. eventually) walk.

Also. We saw a murder.

ENJOY! (and scroll for some bonus geekery!)

Bonus Geekery:

Did you know a group of Crows is called a MURDER?

And also.. a Storytelling?

I did not.

Now I do.

And you do, too.

(This means.. I actually filmed a murder last weekend. Dun dun DUNNN!)

And you?

Did you get out in nature this week/weekend?

If yes, share where you walked in the comments below!



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