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The Power of Pausing

Last week while practicing spinning Poi , I was hitting a wall (or rather, myself) and it reminded me of this:

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when practice gets rough is to pause, regroup, maybe do something else for a bit, or just rest, recover, reconsider.

Let it go..

And then come back. Try again.

It‘s so easy to ‘go for the grind’ and push ourselves ever harder when things get tricky.

Then it FEELS like we are doing more.

However.. it’s in the breaks that the magic happens.

We are built to adjust, to adapt, to get stronger, faster, more skilled.. but the actual change happens during recovery. In our sleep, in our subconscious, in our bodies.

Practice is the input. Change the output.

Little breaks, or longer ones.

‘Under water’

Try it out! Go hard, practice deeply, hit that wall, take a break, sleep on it, then try again..

See what happens.

Cloudwatching always helps

Then keep at it.

Agreed? Share your thoughts below!

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